10 Most Beautiful Private Islands


How many times have you dreamt of escaping the harsh and often unpleasant realities of life and running off to your own private island? Imagine… pure white sand, luscious exotic vegetation, an intimate luxurious cabin, all surrounded by the crystalline blue sea and topped off with peace and harmony. Sounds like an idyllic getaway, in which you can recharge, rest and relax. You can certainly sign us up for this break from the daily grind. However, for some owners of private islands, this is a daily way of life. Some high-flying executives also invest in these islands as a sort of private holiday resort. We have a run-down of some of the most beautiful private islands – if you can’t go there in person, they would certainly serve as a great setting for your dreams!

10. Antarctic Island – The World, Dubai


courtesy of: resumodanet.com

Yep, you read right, the Antarctic…in Dubai. Not really, though! ‘Antarctic’ here refers to one of the 300 artificially made islands off the coast of Dubai. The archipelago known as The World is an architectural feat, with the islands designed to mirror the shape of the world map. This island was gifted to former Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher by Dubai’s crown prince Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as a retirement present. Antarctic Island is worth a whopping $7 million and can only be reached via boat or helicopter. After the racing legend’s unfortunate skiing accident in December 2013, the fate of the island remains unknown.

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