10 Inspiring Small Balcony Garden Ideas


If you like the idea of having your morning coffee surrounded by greenery and a relaxing atmosphere, but don’t have acres of back garden to spare, read on as we’ve tracked down some delightful gardens set on small balconies. So don’t despair if you’ve got a green finger or like hosting intimate dinners or small get-togethers al fresco, but have limited space! Here are some amazing small balcony garden ideas to help inspire you to create your own idyllic open-air spot right on your balcony, no matter how little it is.


courtesy of: behance.net

Some creative use of green faux turf, coupled with slate grey tiling and plenty of potted plants in neutral-toned and terracotta pots and hey presto, a balcony smaller than some prison cells suddenly and almost magically turns into a mini oasis! The waterfalls flowing into the aquariums are also a very nice touch. This mini balcony is a feast for all the senses with the musical rhythm of water, the smell of the plants, the sound of the rustling leaves and the visual impact of the overall design. Small it may be, but it is still a distinguished feature of the apartment!