10 Hilarious Google Street View Photos


Google street view is certainly a fantastic invention originally supported by Google and further developed by the team at our favourite search engine. The technology is what enables Google Maps and Google Earth to display their splendid panoramic views. It allows users to virtually explore landmarks, natural wonders and locations of interest like museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses. It also gives its users the added bonus of a good roll-on-the-floor laugh, with some hilarious images. Here’s a rundown of some of the funnies Google Street View photos around!

1. Chase on Scuba-Land

courtesy of: hackread.com

What in the name of all things sane is going on here? Either these scuba divers are rushing to dive in the waters a few yards down the road (which frankly, doesn’t look too likely), or they’re completely nuts! Kitted out in their wetsuits, scuba masks and fins and running down the street like total loonies. And to make matters worse, one seems to be chasing the other rather vehemently. The things that Google captures!