The 10 Best Paying Degrees in 2016


The higher your level of education the higher your future earnings. Not necessarily. A Master’s degree in one field can land a college graduate significantly more than a Master’s degree in another field. Choosing a major that not only interests you, but also has a high demand will win you higher future earnings. Which fields of study have the highest earnings potential for 2016?

10. Economics


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Economics majors can find work in law, education, research and non-profit fields. Banking and finance careers offer the highest paying positions for your economics degree. Entry level salaries start at over $47,000 a year.

Choosing to work in the non-profit sector will, of course, pay much less than working in a bank or other financial institute. The broad range of career choices for you after graduation makes a degree in economics a strong and stable major to pursue.

  • George BW

    In my opinion IT workers can get more salary than nurses.

  • Daniel

    Nurses aren’t even doing there jobs anymore. Fire her right now1!